The purpose of this lecture is to explain how RNA and DNA work, their structure, and how major components are found in each.And Learn how to find and figure out the major nucleic acid components and the structure of Nucleosides and Nucleotides. This video has been published by Brilliant Qatar.

Nucleic acids are the third class of biopolymers [polysaccharides and proteins being the others]

Two major classes of nucleic acids :

1. deoxyribonucleic acid [DN]: carrier of genetic information

2. ribonucleic acid [RNA]: an intermediate in the expression of genetic information and other diverse roles

The Central Dogma [F. Crick]:

DNA ————–> mRNA ————–> Protein

[genome]          [transcriptome]             [proteome]

The monomeric units for nucleic acids are nucleotides Nucleotides are made up of three structural subunits

1. Sugar: ribose in RNA, 2-deoxyribose in DNA

2. Heterocyclic base

3. Phosphate

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