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Brilliant Group of Institutions, serving Qatar’s student community for more than a decade, is the first institute in the Middle East to offer intense and result-oriented training programmes for IIT-JEE, NEET, CBSE Board Examinations, SAT and various other foreign university entrance examinations. With the Quality and Uniqueness which we offer we have recently received the award for The Best Educational Service Centre in Qatar from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Brilliant Coaching Classes is structured on the principle of consistency and hard work and believes in scientific approach based on perfect planning and proper guidance. Student’s overall development and splendid success is our prime concern. Seeking to provide a stimulating environment in which individuals will grow in confidence, skills, knowledge and compassion to prepare them to meet the competitive requirements of various Examinations and equipping them for their future.


Brilliant Group of Institutions is the award winning coaching centre in Qatar, having trained more than 25000 students in CBSE Subject Tuitions. The experts teachers and best in the industry study materials have helped our students reach their dream universities and institutes. Brilliant Qatar is the No:1 training centre in Doha, Qatar for IIT-JEE , NEET & CBSE Subject Tuitions. Our expertise in SAT Coaching has been leveraged by many of our students to score full marks in SAT exams.


Our values are based on teamwork geared towards acquiring an excellent academic growth for our students. We follow an educational value system based on encouraging free enquiry, scientific temper, appreciation of diversities, interdependence, and logical thinking. We strongly believe that a student is fully capable of achieving his or her dreams if a teacher delivers as a mentor.

Effective learning comes from keeping children motivated throughout the education period. We at Brilliant strive to keep the process of learning natural without any additional psychological burden for today’s children.

Excellence: Our efforts for excellence have no bounds and we leap forward in a continuous improvement process.

Responsibility: We consider it our responsibility to train our students to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

Community: Our teachers, students and parents work as a single community whose only objective is excellence, and extending a helping hand to the weaker links.


Our journey of more than a decade is driven by the vision of our founder and our team to change the EduTech sector of Qatar. From a very few centers to help children prepare for entrance examinations, we have grown to several centers today, and stand tall after years of hard work and success.

In today’s fast-changing world, we are required to adapt faster to cater to the new, digitally-equipped children. We are living in a COVID world, where interaction, education, and curriculum are changing fast. With our years of experience, we are able to maintain our high standards and keep children focused on their career goals. We are fully aware of the trust parents and children place in us and work harder every day to maintain it.

QUALITY: We aim at the highest quality of knowledge. We measure our quality in curriculum, the teaching process, our teachers, and how knowledge is transferred. We maintain consistency in quality throughout all the different classes.
HELP : To help students respond proactively to the tough competitions in the current period. We strive to update ourselves to respond to students’ changing needs.
UNDERSTAND : Understanding and assessing the intellectual level of every student is a pre-requisite for fulfilling their academic aspirations.
SERVICE : We take education as a service to create better kids and thus a healthier society.

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Awarded the Best Educational Service Centre in Qatar by the Ministry of Education
and Higher Education.

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