What Is Your Future?

Have you been pondering over your future unable to decide, thinking what is next after High school? Many arrows of advice rocketing your way, unable to put your finger on one. Get a brake to your thoughts and check out the path that can lead you to your dream school in higher education. Stay with us till the end and be amazed with the hint given, to choose the best for your future.

Is SAT One Of Your Choice?

To make your choices easy here are a few facts about SAT, if it is one of your choice and yet you have many doubts still lingering in your mind. Here are a few details on how SAT can help you choose your future school.

SAT And Its Purpose.

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), is an entrance test conducted by the College Board for admission in International undergraduate colleges. It is an exam to assess your preparedness for college studies. SAT exam measures a high school students academic potential by providing a common data point, that is compared with all the application received by the admission office. There are a few things that will be considered while the admission officers evaluate your credentials. They include the high school GPA along with the classes that you have attended in high school with letter of recommendation from the teacher, and extracurricular activities involved in, the admission interview and also a personal essay. Common data point of the SAT score can vary from one school to another. The admission to the best college and the mode of payment for that course selected is based on the high score that is gained in SAT exam. The higher the score the better the placement.

Right Time To Armor For SAT

It is wise to take the test during class twelfth. There is ample time to take re-test in case need arises for improving scores. There are multiple exams in a year that is conducted worldwide. SAT test is conducted in March, May, August, October, and December. The test can be attempted multiple times and the highest score can be produced along with the application at the time of admission. It is the highest score that is considered by the admission officers and not your attempts, so aim for a high score irrespective of how many attempts you take to reach your goal.

SAT Test Per Se Revealed

SAT test comprises of four paper and one optional paper. This test is a paper pen exam and mostly multiple-choice questions, except for Math where grid-ins are asked, the student must solve the problem and fill in the bubble sheet.

The first is Paper 1, Reading Test, it consists of critical reading passages, there is a total of five passages and 52 questions to be answered in a span of 65 minutes. The second is Paper 2, Writing and Language Test, it consists of four passages and 44 questions to be answered in 45 minutes. The third, Paper 3, it is a Math test to be attempted without calculator and comprises of 20 questions and the time duration is 25 minutes. The fourth, Paper 4 Math test to be attempted with a calculator and consists of 38 questions and a duration of 55 minutes. The total duration of these 4 papers is 3 hours.

The optional paper is Essay, a student can opt if the institution to which they intend to apply requires it. This exam is based on a rhetorical analysis of a speech provided to the students and must write an essay based on the analysis. The essay must consist of three important question specifically mentioned, duration will be of 50 minutes. The essay will be evaluated on three levels Reading skills, Writing skills and Analysis skills.

Happy note to all the serious facts of SAT, is that negative marks is a faded concept and so you can cool your heals and attempt all the questions gallantly and win the game.

Want To Know Where SAT Can Position You?

Your dreams can be sought after with SAT exams and admission to a great college of your desire. It also facilitates you to get SAT scholarships for your education, another milestone to be unturned as it will aid in your financial necessities for your studies. A burden reduced will always help you walk taller.

Here Is The Right Place.

There are two options for you to prepare for the most sought out exam SAT 1; one you can study on your own, which needs lots of concentration, will power and most important knowledge of the exam and its tricks. The other, is a wise decision of seeking professional help to guide you through the process of preparation. Join our Institution which strives towards the betterment of the academic growth of every student. We are acknowledged for our diligence in providing apt resources to achieve student’s academic goal. Recognized and awarded by Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Qatar as the best Education Centre in Qatar.

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