Coaching Programs

Integrated Coaching Programs (ICPs)

The integrated Regular Classroom Programs are specially designed for students who want to simultaneously prepare for Competitive as well as School/Board Exams. This course is for Medical/Engineering Entrance Exam aspirant, since it allows a fair amount of time for concept building & preparation. Also, students get adequate time for comprehensive preparation .

CBSE Regular Batches with JEE for Grade XI & XII

CBSE Regular Batches with NEET for Grade XI & XII

CBSE Regular Batches with IIT Foundation for Grade VIII to X

Foundation Career Programs (FCPs)

Our Foundations Courses are for students studying in VIII, IX and X Grade. These are principally designed to cater to the need of building a strong foundation to tackle future challenges. Apart from school exams, we train our students to showcase their brilliance at various National & International Olympiads and Scholarship Entrance Exams. These exams help students to get familiar with and gain experience of various competitive Entrance Exams.

Grade VIII

Grade IX

Grade X

E Learning Programs (ELPs)

We offer the world’s first AI based E Learning platforms for students that allows them to attend live online classes, ask your doubts online, revise the instilled knowledge by watching recorded video lectures and get evaluated for your understanding with online tests based on specific test patterns from your home or anywhere in the world through devices having internet connectivity.




Grade XI

Grade XII

Junior Coaching Programs (JCPs)

Separate Wing of Brilliant Junior Classes for students which focus on incremental learning with theoretical and Practical Sessions with easy learning techniques and Diverse Worksheets and Mode of preparation

Grade I - VII

Special Coaching Programs (SCPs)

Specially designed training programs for international curriculum for students with well experienced and specially trained internationally trained faculties for